My work is to help you listen to your body's wisdom
so you can experience greater health.

I believe we each have our own unique relationship with food, yet the thing we all have in common is that we have to eat something! I am deeply awed by the bio-individuality of every person. Though people may face similar challenges each responds in their own way, the same is true of our bodies and how we respond to and heal from stress.

 In my diverse food experiences I have not been limited to the classroom. I have worked in commercial kitchens at Three Stone Hearth as well as working as an independent caterer. I have worked on a dairy farm, harvested wild mushrooms in the woods, and raised chickens in my own back yard. It has been a long journey for me to try to understand the crazy world we live in and how the industrial food system separates us from our bodies. My own health challenges has often been a reason for me to continue to search for new answers. Connection is possible and when you find it it's worth fighting to keep!

Nutritional Therapy and Wellness Coaching

As you know there are many different perspectives on nutrition, sometimes it feels like there are too many of them and they're all exactly opposite! In this research-based world it is easy for people to get all the data they might need to convince themselves of almost anything. My goal is to help clients move into whatever their own intuition and body guides them towards and balancing that with some objectivity based in my understanding of physiology. I offer clients information about how the body works so they might better understand the signals that their body is constantly sending. I think that we live in a chronically disembodied and rushed world, so a large part of most healing, even nutrition, is encouraging and reminding people to slow down and notice.

I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). I chose this program because I was already involved in the nutrient dense foods movement and the Nutritional Therapy Association curriculum is generally in support of these ancestral food ways. I have also personally worked with the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet eating lots of bone broth and in supporting people to figure out their food sensitivities and allergies.

Because everyone is unique sometimes I will choose to do further research on your situation, I am always learning and that is part of why I love this field of work. I also have a wide network of practitioners that I refer to each with a unique perspective on the most ideal way to move forward in helping you. However, we will always start by working with the foundations of diet and digestion, the gateway for nutrients to truly nourish and build your body.

Our body and heart are always growing and changing.
How we nourish ourselves should always be changing with us.
Every person has different needs. Every season brings change.
Every life event forces us to re-evaluate our relationships.
What is feeding you? What patterns do you feed?

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