If you're a new client you'll need to print and fill out these forms and bring them to your first appointment.
Please note that the 3 day food journal will take 3 days to fill out so plan to start filling out these forms several days before your scheduled appointment.

Disclaimer-NTP Version
Honoring Nourishment Health History and Intake
3-Day Food Journal

There is also an online survey that I will email to you to complete before our first appointment, if you do not have access to email you can print of this paper copy and fill it out before your first appointment.

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

Here's some forms that you might find useful later as we work together
I will tell you if you need to come refer to these forms

Blood Sugar Control Diet
Common Symptoms of Hidden Food Sensitivity
Dry Brush
Diet Pulse Record
Dietary Fine Tuning Mini Quiz
Hydrochloric Acid Supplement Dosage Challenge
NTA Pulse Test