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I see clients in the historic Security Building in downtown Olympia, WA. All nutritional therapy clients receiving one-on-one consultations must be 18 years or older or accompanied by a guardian. Before your first appointment we can have a free 20 minute phone interview where we will clarify what services you are most interested in and you can ask me any questions to make sure you're ready to make the time to work with me. If you are coming in for a first appointment or I haven't seen you in a while, you will need to contact me first before scheduling as they are longer sessions and there is some initial paper work.

I am excited to be offering a variety of classes locally, if you want to receive email notifications please contact me to be added to my mailing list, otherwise check back at my facebook page!

I keep a small inventory of practitioner grade supplements to be purchased in office, others I will need to order after our appointment and they can be shipped directly to you or we can arrange pick up.

Please contact me to start a conversation about how we could work together in supporting your health.

How can we work together? ...More about Nutritional Therapy

I offer Nutritional Therapy consultations to help you figure out a life style and diet/supplement protocol that will build up your health from where ever you are starting. Nutritional therapy is a long-term solution; instead of just diagnosing or suppressing symptoms it is about supplying your body with the proper materials and re-invigorating your body's own natural healing abilities. I also enjoy educating people towards understanding their body's response to day-to-day choices to get a better sense of how to maintain health. Simple questions like 'Why is it important to eat breakfast?' and 'Why do I always feel sleepy in the afternoon?' can help people hear the basic messages that their body is sending them. Learning about your body is a powerful tool that can help you motivate yourself to live the life you desire.

The Consultation

The process starts with a questionnaire and interview to learn more about your health, any symptoms you might experience and what you eat. Once we have established some understanding of what your goals are and where you are starting from we will go through a Functional Evaluation, which can take about an hour. In this evaluation I will be palpating various points on your body that correspond with organs in order to learn more about your health directly from your body. Next we will be able to Lingual-Nero Test (LNT) any foods, herbs or supplements as appropriate which will give you direct information about what is working for your body. Here's some more information about these techniques and everything is further explained during the consultation process, always feel free to ask any clarifying questions!

Understanding the Physiology of the Functional Evaluation Points                            Lingual-Neuro Testing

Pricing and Value
I want to support people on their path to health in a mutually respectful relationship. Part of respect is honesty. I am committed to offering sliding-scale low-fee sessions for clients in financial need as a part of my practice, so please feel free telling me if you need to pay less for sessions. We can discuss possible, discount, trade, or payment plan we'll do our best to make it work. Even if you have been a client for a while if you are experiencing financial changes, please contact me if you'd like to discuss this option.

Check out this simple worksheet to think about money flow in your life. It is not required but if it feels helpful, we can also work on budgeting and financial goal setting. I trust your self judgement and I am grateful for whatever feels good for you to offer. I look forward to having an honest conversation with you.